One of my favourite postures is Hanumanasana or monkey pose. Once into the posture I feel a sense of grounding and stillness. It is the pose where I feel most at peace with myself and most relaxed.

Don’t worry if you can’t get into full Hanumanasana immediately there are a variety of preparatory poses to get warmed up and plenty of modifications using props. See my links below for help.

When I first started practicing this pose I felt awkward, painful and uncomfortable. I would go as far to say that I never wanted to try it again. But now I have gradually practiced the pose over a long period of time and I now feel the exact opposite. Therefore you may wish to dedicate a small portion of your practice to trying to obtain Hanumanasana. I have included a couple of links below which go into more details about the posture.

My yoga teacher describes the pose in one of her blogs here:
Kirsty’s blog

Also here is a link to yoga journal description of the pose too.
Yoga Journal Article

I hope you enjoy!



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