New study shows students who meditate get better grades!


Just seen this article summarising a study released which investigated the effect of meditation on students grades and their success at university. Quite interesting..

Article Link

It is usually assumed that the people who meditate are weird hippy types who dance at sunrise and chant naked! However this stereotype is not the case. Meditation has some wonderful benefits and if you take the time to learn the basic techniques then it can be really beneficial. There are actually loads of meditation classes popping up all over the country providing classes and workshops to enable anybody to learn the basic techniques of meditation, and you don’t have to dress like a hippy to do them! You should give it ago, its actually quite calming and relaxing and I always feel focused after my meditation practice. It gives me the time to take stock of my day, look inward and focus on me and my own thoughts and feelings. Through having a consistent daily practice I find that I can take on the days challenges with focus and mental clarity and that I am better equipped to deal with anything that comes my way….


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