If you have been going to your local yoga class for a while.. it’s time to spread your yoga wings..

A lot of yoga teachers offer “workshops” in order to spend a few hours focusing on aspect of your practice or to help you learn something new. I highly recommend attending a workshop as it’s were I had my first “aha” moment and where my practice became even more special to me. In addition, I found that I made lots of new friends and got to know some amazing yoga instructors…

… get out there! Soak up and enjoy the workshops and the different teachers available in your area, and you will find that there is a huge yoga network out there waiting to welcome you in….

Here are some of my local workshops coming up…so have a look around, search the web, or ask your own yoga instructor about future workshops.

Yoga in Cheshire
David Sye yoga beats, 6th July
Summer detox, 7th July
Yin and detox flow with Jackie Quayle, 12th July

Yoga Cheadle
Strengthen and Align your body with Kirsty Gallagher and Mike McCabe, 28th September

One Yoga Studio in Chorlton, Manchester
Ashtanga primary and secondary series workshops. Various dates
Yoga beats with David Sye, 7th July
Jivamukti workshop with Cat Alip Douglas, 14th July

Triyoga in London
Lots of teachers and workshops to choose from, I have already booked on the Kathryn Budig one, and cant wait!


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